Mr. Zhao with his 40-year-old Sirona Treatment Center

Old but still young

How can you imagine what will happen in 40 years? We are proud to tell you that in all that time there is something that doesn’t change: a Sirona treatment center that has been used for over 40 years is in good condition and operating well without any defects. It […]

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Sirona Digital Academy

Sirona Digital Academy in Verona

Sirona’s Dental Academy in Bensheim, where dentists and dental technicians are trained in how to use their Sirona equipment the best possible way, has been appreciated by Sirona users for many years already. However, little is known about the other academies all around the world, […]

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Sirona Poland

Sirona rocks the dental market in Poland

In the 3rd week of March, right after IDS 2015, Sirona successfully presented its equipment at the dental exhibition Krakdent in Krakow, Poland. The Sirona Poland team contributes immensely to Sirona’s sales in the whole CEE region. The beautiful showroom in Warsaw opened in Summer […]

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Imaging with an optimum balance

The same principle applies to digital radiography as to photography: Despite all processing options, the quality of the raw data is decisive for image quality. Digital imaging has many benefits for operating convenience and workflow in dentistry: Images are quickly available, easy to evaluate on […]

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