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Sirona rocks the dental market in Poland

In the 3rd week of March, right after IDS 2015, Sirona successfully presented its equipment at the dental exhibition Krakdent in Krakow, Poland. The Sirona Poland team contributes immensely to Sirona’s sales in the whole CEE region. The beautiful showroom in Warsaw opened in Summer […]

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Imaging with an optimum balance

The same principle applies to digital radiography as to photography: Despite all processing options, the quality of the raw data is decisive for image quality. Digital imaging has many benefits for operating convenience and workflow in dentistry: Images are quickly available, easy to evaluate on […]

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Intraoralröntgen - Flexibler Start in die digitale Bildwelt

Flexible start to digital imaging

Many practice teams still use film for intraoral x-rays because the analog workflow is well established and because they believe that entering the digital world of x-rays entails high costs and effort. This puts them at a major disadvantage. This no longer has to be […]

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Joe Goldstone

Intraoral x-ray: Three questions for Joe Goldstone

Joe Goldstone is the Senior Product Manager for intraoral x-rays. He has been working for Sirona since 2006, first in New York and now in Bensheim. The business graduate finished his studies with a BA (Hons) and an M.S. in Finance. Sirona has focused on […]

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