Richard Manns - Director Corporate Accounting und Reporting bei Sirona

Have you met Richard Manns?

Hello Mr. Manns: You are the Director of Corporate Accounting and Reporting at the Salzburg location. What professional challenges are you currently facing at Sirona? My biggest challenge is to adapt and standardize the accounting standards of a diverse business structure that has grown rapidly […]

CEREC Case Friday

Case Friday: e.max Impulse same day veneers by Dr. Marko Ahonen

It’s ‪‎Case Friday again. Thanks to CEREC Doc Marko Ahonen from Finland for sending us this nice e.max Impulse same day veneer case: The patient suffered an accident and lost parts of her front teeth. The goal of the first pictures is just to demonstrate how Dr. […]

Clinical Cases

International Business – bi-national: A success story

Joanna Burzec, graduate of the “International Business – bi-national” course, was awarded for one of the six best bachelor theses of 2014. On the Sirona Blog, she talks about her experiences in Warsaw, Mannheim, and Bensheim: Everything began in August 2011 when I opened my e-mail account to […]

Experience Sirona
Mr. Zhao with his 40-year-old Sirona Treatment Center

Old but still young

How can you imagine what will happen in 40 years? We are proud to tell you that in all that time there is something that doesn’t change: a Sirona treatment center that has been used for over 40 years is in good condition and operating well without any defects. It […]

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